Free Volume Pump Eyelash Curler, While Supplies Last❤️❤️❤️
Free Volume Pump Eyelash Curler, While Supplies Last❤️❤️❤️
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Learn to Reserve Your Heart, Mind, and, Body. Seek Union Through the Father.

hese days the first question people ask me is, "Do you have kids", and I always answer that "I'm not married yet." Marriage these days is looked upon as a cultural option, not a necessity. 
Most people subconscious ly no longer associate children with marriage...the correlation seems to be skewed, but I'm here to tell you Heiresses and Heirs YOU DESERVE to be VALUED. Your self-worth deserves to be CATERED TO and vice-versa when our Father blesses a union/marriage. 
Don't give your body away for instant gratification, give your husband/wife the chance to say "HE/SHE WAITED UNTIL THE MOMENT I CAME INTO THEIR LIFE." "I WAS WAITED FOR." "She dated purposefully until God put me in her life, and I can't see myself with any other,because I never knew anyone on Earth could love me that much...

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